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Your School Membership to World Kobudo entitles you to:

  • Certificate of affiliation.
  • WKF degree recognition
  • WKF title recognition
  • WKF Grading Board for titles & gradings
  • WKF Honours, recognition program to reward students and members of your school with Gold, Silver, Bronze certificates
  • WKF website members only section, featuring exclusive information for development and updates
  • WKF news letters
  • Budo-Pro School Development Program, exclusive dojo business info for Growth, Coaching, Business and Marketing seminars
  • WKF video library featuring top instructors in their style for you to learn from and pass along to your students
  • Exclusive access and rate for hosting WKF Seminars
  • WKF products (t-shirt, bags, gi, belt …) at a special school rate
  • Exclusive WKF Blackbelt passport and a special black belt badge
  • Free WKF kyu certificates for your students
  • Mentorship and Coaching Program for Budo Growth  

Price per school: 240 Euros/$300 US/ $450 Can